"L2JFrozen V. 6 Pré-Configurado *No custom Edition*"

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Autor Tema: L2JFrozen V. 6 Pré-Configurado *No custom Edition*  (Leído 1107 veces)

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Rev: 1004

Recommended Rates

100 XP, SP, Adena

Java Mod's and Editions


NPC Crest

(NPC's with the clan's flag castle owner)

Announce character login: Aio, Hero, Noble, Donator, Newbie. by Smallz

Comando //masshero

(Command that gives state of hero to all who are online that is removed after the reestart of the player)

Comando //clanfull

(Command that gives status level, skills and reputation to the leader's clan that is in the target)

Disable Weapons for Classes

(Bow, Dagger, Sword, Blunt, Dual, Pole, BigSword, BigBlunt, DualFist)

Hitman Event

Auto Restart

(Set the time and how many seconds of warning the server will restart)

Offline Shop Effect

Respawn Protection Effect

(While protected you will have a blue aura around the character)

Aio Effect

Announce PvP/PK no chat normal

PM Message

Server time when entering

NPC Siege Register




Custom items when creating new character
Fighter || Wizard


Welcome HTM (Enabled and created) by Smallz

Login HTML by Smallz

Custom title when creating new character

Bank (1kkk = 1 Gold Bar)

Away (Enabled and Configured)

Offline Shop (Enabled and Configured)

Champion (Enabled and Configured)

Wedding (Enabled Configured)

Enchant's Rates / Max (Configured)

Alt + B (Disabled)

Buff's 2 Hours

GeoData + Pathnode (Enabled) [Recommended]


(Enabled and Configured)


00:00 | 04:00|08:00 | 12:00 | 16:00 | 20:00


02:00 | 06:00 | 10:00 | 14:00 | 18:00 | 22:00


15:00 | 21:00


Chat Filter

Check Skill on Enter

(Activated and configured skills customs)

All protections activated and configured

L2 Walker

You have to hit the correct sequence in a certain time, after a few minutes, otherwise it closes the L2 window automatically, preventing the Walker system from being activated for a long time.


Aio System


Party buffs

Hot Springs Buff

(Disabled of Mob's and edited to function as buff)

All Skills added

(Mod) Advertisement from Aio to logar

(Mod) Aio Effect (Blue Aura)

Name color + title (Configured)


L2JFrozen V.6 *No Custom*

(NPC's, MOD's and Configurations + Backup)

System + File Edit (Interlude)

Account Administrator

Account: Admin
Password: Admin

Compilation By Small
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